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Joe Biden Is Considering Revoking Donald Trump's Access To US Secrets

Joe Biden Is Considering Revoking Donald Trump's Access To US Secrets

Former Presidents are usually briefed on matters of classified intelligence, however Trump could be left out.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Joe Biden is reviewing the system that allows former US Presidents access to the country's top secrets.

Even though their time as Commander in Chief ends when they leave the White House, leaders are still briefed on matters of national security.

They don't get the top brass of information, as that's reserved for the current leader, but they are kept updated with matters of classified intelligence.

However, it seems like Donald Trump might be barred from that service.

At the daily White House press briefing, spokeswoman Jen Psaki was asked whether the 45th President of the United States would be kept away from all the juicy information.

"This is a good question. It's something that's obviously under review," she said.


The move would be a reaction to Trump's handling of national security interests as well as his conduct in his final moments as President.

The Daily Mail said Trump revealed highly classified information about ISIS in Syria to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and former ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak in 2017. It was a move that 'caused uproar' and was the first display of omitting secrets to people he probably shouldn't have.

The next incident came when he 'gave up highly sensitive information from a US ally', which caused a top-level source being extracted from the Russian government.

Trump also once tweeted what analysts suggested was a classified photo of an Iranian nuclear installation.

When questioned why he made the photo public, the then-President told reporters: "We had a photo and I released it, which I have the absolute right to do."


The former leader also led a charge for months that the 2020 US Election was rigged and rife with fraud - claims he hasn't been able to back up. He caused a flurry of social media misinformation by his claims and fuelled a lack of faith in the electoral system.

Then there was the Capitol riots.

He encouraged his followers during a rally to 'fight' just moments before hundreds gathered outside the Capitol building in Washington D.C. and ended up storming inside.

Trump has already been impeached on inciting an insurrection and his trial is set to take place next week.

The decision to revoke his access to national secrets could be the result of all those issues and any others that popped up during his four years in office. But a decision hasn't been made just yet.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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