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Joe Biden Officially Wins Michigan In US Presidential Election

Joe Biden Officially Wins Michigan In US Presidential Election

Michigan becomes the third state Biden has won from the Republicans after flipping Wisconsin and Arizona

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Joe Biden has won key swing state Michigan, potentially putting him on track for victory in the US presidential election after winning Arizona and Wisconsin from the Republicans earlier today.

More than 97 per cent of the ballot has been counted and Biden received 49.8 per cent of the votes, with Trump behind on 48.6 per cent.

It now puts Biden at 264 electoral votes, compared to Trump's 214 votes.

Fronting the media before the result came through, Biden appears hopeful he was going to become the 46th President of the United States.

"After a long night of counting, it's clear that we're winning enough states to reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency," he said.

"I'm not here to declare that we've won. But I am here to report, when the counting is finished, we believe we will be the winners.

"But we have had hard campaigns before. We have faced hard times before. So, once this election is finalised and behind us, it will be time for us to do what we've always done as Americans.

"To put the harsh rhetoric of the campaign behind us. To lower the temperature. To see each other again. To listen to each other again. To hear each other again. To respect and care for one another again.

"To unite. To heal. To come together as a nation."

Donald Trump's campaign filed a suit to halt vote counting in Michigan, claiming they had not been granted 'meaningful access' to observe ballot counting in some location.

Campaign manager Bill Stepien said: "President Trump's campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law.

"We have filed suit today in the Michigan Court of Claims to halt counting until meaningful access has been granted.

"We also demand to review those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access. President Trump is committed to ensuring that all legal votes are counted in Michigan and everywhere else."

More to follow.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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