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Lad Invents A Shoe That Gives Blokes An Extra 2.2 Inches Of Height

Lad Invents A Shoe That Gives Blokes An Extra 2.2 Inches Of Height

Some blokes will finally be able to claim they are 6ft.

There are plenty of people around the world who are desperate to be a little taller. Whether it's by a few centimetres or by a lot more, shorter people seem to always cop some flak for being vertically challenged.

To compensate, some people have worn shoes that have a larger outer sole to give them a tiny bit more height, however it's usually pretty noticeable.

Now there is a sneaky shoe that looks fairly innocent, but has an insert that claims to give you an extra 2.2 inches in height.

The Lad Lift is the brain child of Pete Gibson, who, like many men around the world, wished he was a little bit taller. Instead of putting up with his situation, he decided to act.


Pete has launched a Kickstarter to make his tall dreams a reality and promises the extra height will help change a customer's life.

On the fundraising page, the Lad Lifts creator said: "LAD LIFTS are more than just shoes, they increase your height and confidence in the time it takes to tie your laces. Our Originals are the only sneaker that have the ability to lift you up both physically and mentally, allowing you to be at your best all of the time.

"Each pair of Originals are custom made and expertly crafted in the UK, incorporating an invisible extra thick insole that adds 2.2 inches to your height.

"Our shoes offer the perfect combination of high-end fashion and innovative design; enjoy maximum height and comfort every single day with LAD LIFTS.

Pete says he struggled with his confidence during his teenage years because he was significantly shorter than his mates.

Even though he realised people wouldn't discriminate him because of how many centimetres he had, he wanted to see if there was a market for blokes who wanted to grow without getting painful surgery.

Lad Lifts hopes to find 'ways that help men feel less insecure, increase their confidence and be more comfortable in their own skin'.

The shoes come with a hidden, in-built sole that can give you that extra boost. They come in both black and white and Pete is hoping to be able to ship them out around the world from March next year.

But he needs your funds to help lads everywhere feel a little taller. You can donate to his Kickstarter and usher in a new world of six foot tall blokes everywhere.

Featured Image Credit: Kickstarter

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