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LADbible Australia Is Launching GOODLAD To Highlight Uplifting And Fun Content

LADbible Australia Is Launching GOODLAD To Highlight Uplifting And Fun Content

They will be rebranding a Facebook page and introduce the audience to fun and exciting posts.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

LADbible Australia is adding a new page to their repertoire that will focus on uplifting, fun, heartwarming and positive content.

The APAC wing of the youth media publisher is hoping GOODLAD will be able to cut through people's newsfeeds with images, articles and videos that will put a smile on their faces.

It can sometimes feel like there is nothing but doom and gloom on social media, however LAD's new page will aim to be a refuge from all that.

The page was originally called 'F**k, Let's Have A Beer' and focused on posting memes that reached a large audience.

It's now being rebranded to GOODLAD so that it falls in line with LADbible's positive content pillars.

The APAC company is hoping to harness the page's already impressive 3.75 million followers and give them something more to laugh about.

In addition to positive news, GOODLAD will be diving into other interesting areas of popular culture, science, history and internet chatter that don't usually get their moment in the spotlight.

The team behind the page will be delivering things you might have never known before, that will stop you in your tracks with adorable puppy clips, and also will also champion the stories of people around the world who are good lads.

The page will join the already formidable LADbible Australia, which has grown considerably in the last 12 months, SPORTbible Australia, who continue to dominate the sporting landscape Down Under, and LADbible New Zealand.

This trio, along with their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat accounts have owned the digital media landscape in 2021 and have been able to not only compete against but beat their much larger competitors.

LADbible APAC has also launched a social content agency since they arrived Down Under at the beginning of 2019.

General Manager Joseph Summers will continue to oversee all operations, with the company now boasting more than 40 staff members.

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