Mad Mex Is Doing Free Delivery This Month If You Order Something Without Meat

Sponsored by MENULOG
Sponsored by MENULOG
Mad Mex Is Doing Free Delivery This Month If You Order Something Without Meat

Loads of people will likely be making New Year's Resolutions about cutting down on their meat intake.

Well, Mad Mex is about to make that mission so much easier.

The company is doing an initiative every Monday of January that will be very friendly on your hip pocket.

They've launched #MeatFreeMondays and are giving customers free delivery onfood orders that containtheir plant-based products via Menulog.

We repeat: free goddamn delivery for delicious, meat-free food straight to your door.

Credit: Mad Mex
Credit: Mad Mex

You don't have to give 25 words on why you want it, complete a scavenger hunt, or draw a pretty picture to access the deal.

It will be available from today (January 4) and every following Monday for the rest of January.

Considering Mad Mex has loads of things that are 100 per cent plant based, you'll be spoiled with choice.

It's also the perfect time for the return of the delicious and mouthwatering Spicy Vegan Chicken.

The filling can be whacked into a burrito, naked burrito bowl, quesadilla, taco, nachos or grande melt to delight the senses. It will be coming back to restaurants around the country this month.

Credit: Mad Mex
Credit: Mad Mex

The faux chicken is 100 per cent plant-based and is made from water, soy protein, sunflower oil, salt and spices.

Mad Mex says it's exactly the same as their regular chicken, however it can be devoured by vegos, vegans and flexitarians. Even better news: it's dairy and gluten free.

The start of the year means some will be pinching the pennies because of a big Christmas and New Year's Eve. Why not make it easier on your wallet by choosing Mad Mex and getting something without meat.

You can access the deal on Menulog and be sure to get amongst the #MeatFreeMondays initiative.

Featured Image Credit: Mad Mex

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