Magpies Will Be Killed In Sydney After Shocking Series Of Swooping Attacks


Magpies Will Be Killed In Sydney After Shocking Series Of Swooping Attacks

A Sydney council has elected to cull two magpies in the area after a shocking series of swooping attacks.

The black and white birds are in their mating season and are very territorial over their nests. As a result, males will typically dive bomb people who they deem are getting too close.

But Lane Cove Council wants to prevent these birds from doing further harm to residents in the area.

There have been multiple complaints from people over the years that magpies were out of control and the Council introduced umbrellas for protection and QR codes to easily report attacks.


In the last month alone, there have been at least eight swooping attacks recorded in the area, according to Magpie Alert, and victims have reported being scratched, bruised, and suffered headaches and serious cuts.

Credit: 9News
Credit: 9News

One victim recalled they were 'swooped from behind and was hit on the side of the head...if I had turned slightly it would have been my eye'.

They added: "This is terrifying. I get swooped almost daily. Surely enough is enough. Do we have to wait until someone loses an eye to sort this out? If this was a dog it would have been put down by now."


The complaints have finally grown to the point that the Council has applied to cull one male and one female magpie.

The birds are technically a protected species and fall under the jurisdiction of the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The NPWS has approved the cull and it will be carried out in due course.

A statement from the Lane Cove Council said: "We all know that swooping season is part of Australian life however unfortunately the injuries being sustained by local residents in this particular area have lead us to explore our options with the National Parks and Wildlife Service.


"We'll work to the National Parks guidelines and hope that this is an isolated case as we continue to provide a safe environment for residents and our wildlife.

"Council has nominated a licensed animal control contractor, who was included in the application, to carry out the cull.

"This is the first magpie cull in recent memory and is one that Council hopes is an isolated case."

The Council's 'License to Harm' will be available to them until December 1, so they have a few months to properly carry out the cull.

Featured Image Credit: ACT Government

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