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Melbourne Man Claims To Have Started 'Highly Trained' Group To Protect Anti-Lockdown Protestors

Melbourne Man Claims To Have Started 'Highly Trained' Group To Protect Anti-Lockdown Protestors

Nathan's group promises to put their bodies between police and protestors who want lockdown to end.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A Melbourne man has revealed he has started a 'highly-trained' group of people to protect anti-lockdown protestors from police.

Nathan Glover has uploaded a video of him dressed in makeshift combative gear, complete with a mask, helmet, protective chest plate, shin pads, body-worn cameras and a baton.

He wrote: "Every Saturday I'll be leading a small but highly trained group of people with the sole purpose to protect the people from the Riot Police.

"This will mainly include surveillance of police movements with video from body cams and the small fleet of drones at our disposal.

"If police feel they need a display of force then myself or one of my associates will be there to take the heavy handed treatment.

"I emphasise we are not a force that attack in any way, our sole purpose is to protect protesters by passively putting our body's in front of theirs and to protect the constitutional rights of all Victorians.


"We are only authorised to use force if our lives become threatened in which case we can therefore defend ourselves by use of equal amount of force as being inflicted upon our person as stated in the Rights and Public Protection Act.

"Our goal is to offer some peace of mind to demonstrate your rights with the knowledge that someone has your back."

There have been multiple protests take place in Melbourne and greater Victoria since the implementation of Stage 3 and 4 lockdown restrictions.

Residents in affected areas haven't been able to leave their homes without a valid reason and a curfew has been installed between 8pm and 5am.

This has caused discontent with some people and they have rallied in public over the course of several weekends. These events have caused people to be fined and arrested, even if they were accused of starting a Facebook event for a demonstration.


Mr Glover has attended several of these protests in recent weeks and has been dismayed at the scenes of police handing out fines and leading residents away in handcuffs.

As a result, he's started P.A.T.I.R - The Protection And Tactical Incident Response group.

Unsurprisingly, he believes the coronavirus is a fabrication, according to the Herald Sun.

He reportedly said: "The fact they say it is contagious, this doesn't make any sense. It doesn't transmit through contagion. (That's obviously not true and the coronavirus can be easily spread by contagion).

"To me, this is all crazy. The world is run by three year olds. Our whole government system needs a complete overhaul."

He is risking another $1,652 fine if he protests this weekend, regardless of whether it it peaceful or not.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Glover/Facebook

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