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Man Eats ‘World’s Biggest Burger’ In Front Of Vegan Protest

Stewart Perrie


Man Eats ‘World’s Biggest Burger’ In Front Of Vegan Protest

A man has taken a dare from one of his TikTok followers to eat a burger in front of vegan protestors.

Jordan Adams asked his near 750,000 followers what he should do for his next prank and one user suggested something that would rile up the non-carnivores.

He was told to find the nearest vegan demonstration and chow down on 'the world's biggest burger' in front of them.

While it's questionable whether Jordan found the largest burger on the planet, it sure did look like a hefty meal.

It appears to have both beef and chicken tucked in between the buns and he made an absolute mess of it while trying to cram it in his gob.

The protestors stood silently in the middle of a busy pedestrian thoroughfare and held signs and televisions that showed how brutal the agriculture industry can be when it comes to the death of animals.

One of the demonstrators smiled as he called Jordan a jokester.

The TikTokker even tried to offer some of his giant burger to the protestors however they politely declined.

There was a tiny verbal altercation between Jordan and another protestor, who accused the social media influencer of littering next to their demonstration.

The long-haired bloke even tried to get the cops involved and said littering is a fineable offence.

Credit: Jordan Adams/TikTok
Credit: Jordan Adams/TikTok

Then a different vegan activist asked Mr Adams if he was 'proud' of what he was doing and labeled him 'pathetic'.

It seemed like Jordan lapped up the confrontation and ended the clip saying the prank was 'fire'.

People were divided on the TikTokker's prank, with one user saying: "You should respect others. Especially those who care about animals."

Another added: "I can't help but think this is extremely disrespectful. I'm not vegan but I think we should respect everyone's decisions to a certain extent."

A third wrote: "Why can they be mad at this but expect people to be okay with them holding up signs of dead animals protesting."

Others called out Jordan for following a tired trope of ribbing vegans for their lifestyle choices and deliberately eating meat in front of them to provoke them or get a reaction from them.

Featured Image Credit: Jordan Adams/TikTok

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Stewart Perrie
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