Man Pays For 'She Is Heartless' Banner To Protest Against Queensland Border Restrictions


Man Pays For 'She Is Heartless' Banner To Protest Against Queensland Border Restrictions

A man has forked out a decent sum of money to get a pilot to take to the skies in a small plane carrying a large banner.

But he wasn't trying to promote his company or something else related to himself, he wanted to protest against the coronavirus-related border restrictions happening in Queensland.

At the moment, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has ordered the border to remain shut for as long as necessary.

Despite the Sunshine State not having a single new case of Covid-19 in two days and the surrounding states and territories being coronavirus free or having small increases in infections, the Premier wants to make sure the threat to her residents is as low as possible.


That prompted lawyer James Stevens to put a 'SHE IS HEARTLESS' banner into the skies from Coolangatta to Brisbane.

He's even committed to spend $1,800 every week until the October 31 election to have the message be broadcast across Queensland. Mr Stevens insists that he isn't trying to win political points, but wants to highlight how the restrictions are tearing some people apart.

"I'm not political," he said to the ABC. "I'm not affiliated in anyway. I've voted for Liberal and Labor before, but this has got to stop."

The straw that broke his back was a 29-year-old woman who was granted a last-minute exemption to farewell her father who had died from cancer. She had recently returned from Canberra and was going to miss the event because Queensland lists the ACT as a coronavirus hotspot.


The woman wasn't allowed to mingle with anyone and had to be escorted in full personal protective equipment through the service.

Mr Stevens thought that was ridiculous.

"I thought that was the most outrageous thing I'd ever seen a politician do," he said. "I nearly threw my computer at the TV when I saw that.

"She has exhibited a real callousness, a cold-hearted attitude to people's suffering and problems."


Prime Minister Scott Morrison ended up intervening in the case and called the Queensland Premier to allow the woman the chance to say goodbye to her dad.

Ms Palaszczuk has been facing a huge outcry from critics who say her border policies are hurting too many people.

The Premier hit back, saying she is 'human' too and understands why everyone is upset, but she was focused on eliminating the virus from the state and didn't want to risk the health of everyone for individual cases.

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