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Melbourne Legend Syncs Christmas Lights To The ‘Get On The Beers’ Remix

Melbourne Legend Syncs Christmas Lights To The ‘Get On The Beers’ Remix

Daniel Andrews' epic dance track has been given the festive spin.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A Melbourne homeowner has officially won 2020 Christmas with their epic lights display.

While there are plenty of people around the country that could rival this property owner in terms of brightness, style, colour or vibe, they will never win.

That's because this home has been decorated in an impressive LED arrangement that displays the words to Mash'd N Kutcher's 'Get On The Beers' remix in sync with the music.

The home is located in Kings Park in Melbourne's north west and will no doubt have many drive bys until Christmas Day. You can view the whole video here.

The owner has managed to construct the lights in such a way that the lyrics perfectly match up with the song to spread the best festive spirit.

People have been well and truly blown away by the setup and are encouraging their mates to replicate this in the coming days.

One Facebook user wrote: "This is the greatest thing I have ever seen."

Another said: "Politics and Christmas... who knew it was such a great combination."

A third added: "You've done Victoria proud by getting on the beers and doing your civic duty."

Melbourne Christmas Lights locations/Facebook

It's not the only place that has timed their Christmas lights to the epic tune, with a home in Sandringham also having their display work in tandem with the beat.

Mash'd N Kutcher's remix was sparked in April after Premier Daniel Andrews gave press conference warning Victorians to not be flippant with the lockdown restrictions by drinking beer with their mates.

He said: "You won't be able to go to the pub, because the pub is shut. That doesn't mean you can have all your mates around to home, and get on the beers. That's not appropriate.

"It's not essential, it's not needed and all it will do is spread the virus."

Mash'd N Kutcher did their crafty work and their song has exploded ever since. It was even played at a Perth music festival and ravers went absolutely nuts.


Party goers couldn't believe their eyes and ears when the familiar tune started blasting over the speakers at the Perth Music Festival Wine Machine back in October.

"That's what's most important - the beers," Andrews is heard saying over a dance track.

"As best we can tell, the dinner party started with one case of far as we can tell, everyone at the dinner party had a case of the beers.

"Get on the beers... that's your civic duty... that's what's most important and that's what must be done," the track continues, until the beat drops with one final: "Beers".

Hell, Carole Baskin was even tricked into saying a few of the lyrics in a shoutout to Dan Andrews.

Featured Image Credit: Melbourne Christmas Lights locations/Facebook

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