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Melbourne Man Seen Walking Down The Street In A Bubble To Be Socially Distant

Melbourne Man Seen Walking Down The Street In A Bubble To Be Socially Distant

That's certainly one way to ensure you're safe from everyone else.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A bloke has been captured walking through the outer suburbs of Melbourne in an inflatable bubble.

People in parts of Victoria have been warned about social distancing as the state endures a second wave of coronavirus infections. The Melbourne Metro and Mitchell Shire areas have been placed into Stage 3 lockdown and it's now mandatory to wear a face covering in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

While the majority of people have taken to the new rule with gusto, there have been a few who have gone the extra mile to socially distance from one another.

A bloke has been seen strolling down a road in one of Melbourne's outer suburbs in an inflatable bubble.

The man was captured yelling 'I'm the man in the bubble' as he walked back and forth across the road in Belgrave, which is nearly 50km east of the CBD.

Reacting to the viral video on Facebook, one viewer wrote: "I'm actually laughing so hard."

Another added: "How Victorians are reacting to the lockdown."

A third said: "I think he was just trying to brighten up our lives a bit. Luckily, it was early morning and it wasn't busy."

Janine Rigby/Facebook

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has thanked people for largely following the new mandatory mask rule.

However he's also lashed out at the ones who have tried to deliberately disturb the peace by going into shops without a face covering and filming their interaction with staff.

There were several incidents over the weekend which required police to attend, with the anti-mask wearers claiming it was contravening their human rights.

Mr Andrews said during a press conference: "The thing with conspiracy theorists [is] the more you engage in an argument with them, the more oxygen you are giving them.

"Ultimately, I think people can judge for themselves the efficacy, the credibility of people who are running those sort of keyboard warrior campaigns.

"Seriously, one more comment about human rights - honestly. It is about human life. If we continue with this stuff, standing in the car park of Bunnings reading whatever nonsense you have pulled up from some obscure website.

"Their behaviour is appalling. Their views have no basis in science or fact or law. Don't focus on them."

Featured Image Credit: Janine Rigby/Facebook

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