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Controversial MP Craig Kelly's Facebook Page Is Now Rated -671 Out Of 5

Controversial MP Craig Kelly's Facebook Page Is Now Rated -671 Out Of 5

He claimed that a drug usually used to combat lice can be effective in combatting COVID-19.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch

Liberal MP Craig Kelly has been figuratively eviscerated on social media after users attacked his rating on Facebook.

The controversial politician has spent much of the coronavirus pandemic peddling misinformation and heralding certain drugs as cures, despite there being little evidence to support him.

Australia's Chief Medical Officer, Paul Kelly, has recently slammed the MP for sharing dubious articles promoting the use of ivermectin, an anti-parasitical drug used for lice, in the fight against Covid-19.

He added that there was 'no evidence' that ivermectin is useful in combatting Covid-19 and he did not want to give credence 'to views that I just don't agree with and are not scientifically based'.

Here's a peer-reviewed, double blind, placebo controlled, randomised clinical trial - just published by The Lancet,...

Clearly sick of his ongoing peddling of false information, social media users then decided to take aim at Kelly's Facebook rating, which quickly plummeted to the eternal depths of Hades - aka into the negatives.

You'd think with a rating system of zero to 5, the lowest you could get is zero.

But for some reason, Facebook's system allows you to go way lower than that. According to figures, it appears Craig Kelly's review dropped to -671 out of 5 before zeroing out.

That is one hell of a rating.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been urged to condemn Kelly's posts on social media and tell Australia that his ideas shouldn't be shared, supported or taken on board. Mr Morrison has, as of yet, not spoken out.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said: "Craig Kelly has promoted conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, peddling dangerous comments about that and advice that it's all a conspiracy, and now we have him justifying and seeking to make excuses for [the Capitol riots], and indeed just making comments that are just beyond belief."

But an expert is concerned that the growing inaction could be dangerous for the community.

Immunisation Coalition chief executive Kim Sampson told NCA Newswire: "He should be pulled into shape, it's just totally unacceptable for somebody with a national voice to be putting out that kind of misleading and abhorrent information.

"It shocks me when I read that kind of stuff and I really believe our prime minister needs to step up and put Craig Kelly in his place.

"Craig Kelly is saying some terrible things and there are other high-profile people that are saying things that are so destructive and counter-productive.

When Mr Kelly was asked whether he was being briefed on the latest information from the government about the coronavirus pandemic and efforts to fight it, he said yes.

"I'm in regular contact with the Health Minister and the Prime Minister's office," Mr Kelly told The Feed.

"Often they say, you know, you've been accused of this in the media, 'What's the story?' And I simply explain, hang on a minute, this is simply untrue, what has been posted about me."

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