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NSW Has Recorded More Than 11,000 New Cases Of Covid-19 In 24 Hours

NSW Has Recorded More Than 11,000 New Cases Of Covid-19 In 24 Hours

It's nearly double the number of people who had tested positive yesterday.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

New South Wales has recorded 11,201 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours.

It's not only a record number of new infections but is nearly double the number of patients in just one day.

On Tuesday (December 28), authorities announced there had been 6,062 new infections in the 24 hours since Monday's update.

The number of positive cases has remained steady around the 6,000 mark over a 24-hour period for the last few days and today's announcement shows a marked increase in how the virus is spreading across the state.

NSW Health confirmed there has been three additional people die overnight and there are 625 people in hospital with 61 in ICU.

People have been told to prepare for way more cases as the Omicron variant continues to become the dominant strain in the Aussie state.

Before NSW reintroduced face masks for people indoors modelling suggested the state could have up to 200,000 cases a day.

The Doherty Institute was working off the idea that without low-to-medium restrictions then the virus will be allowed to run rampant throughout the community.

According to The Age, booster shots will not be the silver bullet that will prevent people from becoming infected and instead we need things like masks, density limits and visitors at home to be addressed.

The National Cabinet has agreed to lower the window for people getting their booster shot.

The waiting time will be slashed to just three months by the end of January.

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