NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet Announces He’s Expecting A Seventh Child


NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet Announces He’s Expecting A Seventh Child

The New South Wales Premier has announced that he and his wife are expecting a seventh child together.

Dominic Perrottet shared the happy news on Facebook where he and Helen stood next to portraits of their other six kids.

He wrote: "Exciting family news. Our family photo wall is going to need another frame! Helen and I are thrilled to announce we have a little girl due next year.

"With five sisters already, William is looking on the bright side - more bench depth on the family basketball team."


When he was elected Premier of New South Wales, journalists quizzed him on how he will be able to juggle leading the state and parenting six kids.

One reporter also added that the same type of question would be asked if the Premier was female.

He admitted that he will have to sacrifice things like being there for Saturday sport, but he explained how this might not be a bad thing.


"I think what I might lose in time, I gain in perspective. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and I am no different to that, but one thing I do know is that I have a very strong team around me," Mr Perrottet said.

"There will be challenges and perhaps...other family [events] that I may not have [time to go to], but that will drive me even more to make sure that every single hour of my day, when I am at work, is dedicated to the improvement of the lives of every person across the state.

"Up until now, all of our Liberal premiers have been infrastructure premiers - building roads, rail, schools and hospitals for communities right across our state.

"That will not change with me, but I will also be a family Premier, focusing on how we can make life better for working families."


But it's worth noting that the Premier is no stranger to a large brood as he grew up in a family of 12.

When he joined politics in his 20s, he used his maiden speech to praise his mum for helping raise such a big family.

"I had the privilege of growing up in a large family. I am the third of 12 children. As you may imagine, my mother ran a very tight ship,'' he said.

"But with so many of us around, she realised very quickly she could not get everything done by herself. I polished 12 pairs of shoes in summer. I packed 12 lunches in autumn. I changed 1200 nappies in winter and then changed them again in spring."

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