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People Go Wild For Massive Pet Rabbit That Is Nearly As Big As Her Human Owners

People Go Wild For Massive Pet Rabbit That Is Nearly As Big As Her Human Owners

People on social media have been absolutely bowled over by a massive pet rabbit, who lives with a family in Seattle, Washington.

While there are loads of large pets around the world that deserve attention, Cocoa Puff the Continental Giant rabbit is getting so many eyeballs because of just how outrageously large it is.

Commanding an impressive 292,000 followers on Instagram alone, Cocoa Puff dazzles people with photos and videos of him interacting with everyone in the family.


Mum Lindsay has told The Morning Show: "We decided to get a rabbit because we were renting and we couldn't get a dog or a cat.

"Our daughter Macy is a huge animal lover, and we really wanted to add a pet to our family, so we decided to look into getting a rabbit.

"And we discovered that giant rabbits are very good with kids."


Lindsay says it took a while for Cocoa Puff to get accustomed to his new surroundings, but once he settled in he seemed to love life.

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"I would say the house training took between six and seven months," she said. "But rabbits are actually very smart - I don't think they get enough credit. It doesn't take him long to learn a trick."

While the Seattle family isn't out walking the rabbit like a dog, they do make sure the bunny gets to travel with them regularly.


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They have to make sure they don't take Cocoa Puff anywhere dogs are just in case they want to turn him into a meal.

According to, the bunny lives off two big plates of greens, hay, and rabbit food pellets and enjoys snacking on dried banana and mango.

"We're very fortunate because Cocoa Puff is not a chewer," Lindsay said. "But we have heard some horror stories that they do like to chew electrical cords, iPhone cords, computer cords.

"We haven't had too many casualties in that area, so we're very fortunate - but typically, rabbits chew a lot."


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@big_cocoa_puff

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