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Pete Evans Has Been Banned From Facebook For Spreading Misinformation

Pete Evans Has Been Banned From Facebook For Spreading Misinformation

Facebook won't allow any user to post content about Covid-19 or the vaccine 'that could lead to imminent physical harm'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Pete Evans has been banned from Facebook for spreading misinformation.

The social media site confirmed the celebrity Australian chef had been given the boot after spending the year questioning the coronavirus pandemic, the related vaccine and spouting a bunch of unsubstantiated health claims.

A spokesperson for Facebook said: "We don't allow anyone to share misinformation about COVID-19 that could lead to imminent physical harm or COVID-19 vaccines that have been debunked by public health experts.

"We have clear policies against this type of content and we've removed Chef Pete Evans' Facebook Page for repeated violations of these policies."


Despite Facebook owning Instagram, it's reported the chef will be allowed to keep that account because 'the violating posts and content were not always shared on the corresponding Instagram account'.

Evans copped an absolute battering when the Sydney Northern Beaches cluster broke because he urged people not to get tested for the virus.

Reacting to the photos of people standing in long queues for a Covid-19 swab, the Australian celebrity chef mocked them.

He wrote: "OUTBREAK ... 2 cases (with clown-face emojis). Can you see where this is heading again. Testing for the common cold? Do not get tested."

The post has appeared to have since been deleted.

Pete Evans/Facebook

But he's also doubted the effectiveness of the vaccine and offered alternatives to getting the inoculation.

The former My Kitchen Rules judge spoke with Allona Lahn, a candidate in the Queensland state election for the controversial anti-vaccination Informed Medical Options Party, and discussed the Covid-19 vaccine candidates being produced.

Evans took aim at politicians and public figures including Bill Gates, suggesting they didn't know as much about the virus as they claimed.

"Maybe these experts know that there are other options out there rather than mandatory vaccines," he said in a Facebook Live video.

"Maybe sunlight could be the best vaccine in the world. Maybe good nutrition could be the best vaccine in the world.

"Maybe self-love, maybe hugging and connecting to other human beings and looking at different points of view could be the best vaccine in the world for our community moving forward."

These repeated claims that question the virus and the vaccine could have caused many to not wear face masks, social distance from one another and potentially hold off from getting the vaccine, which is why Facebook was forced to act.

Featured Image Credit: Pete Evans/Instagram

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