Cover Model Hits Back At Criticism For Magazine Promoting 'Healthy' Body Types


Cover Model Hits Back At Criticism For Magazine Promoting 'Healthy' Body Types

Cosmopolitan UK kicked off a heated debate across social media following the release of its latest cover.

The women's magazine showcased three women of various body types and declared 'wellness doesn't have to be one size fits all'.

While the magazine was priased for moving away from the typical slender models to talk about health, it also drew criticism.


Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan threw his two cents in on the matter, calling the magazine's message 'shamefully irresponsible'.

"No, it's not [healthy]. And given that obesity is a major factor in why many get severe covid illness, this @CosmopolitanUK cover is shamefully irresponsible," the TV host wrote on Twitter in reference to a particular photo of yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley.


Jessamyn, who featured in the image Piers circled in on, has since brushed off the criticism over the Cosmopolitan issue, saying that haters had been missing the entire point of the feature.

Posting lyrics from a Beyonce to Instagram, Jessalyn wrote: "You know you that b**** when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious: best revenge is your paper."

Influencer Callie Thorpe, who also appeared on the cover of the issue, penned a lengthy response in regards to the hate they had received.

She said: "How the only two plus-size people featured have come up against such vitriol just made me realise why I wanted to do this in the first place.


"Honestly it's more concerning to me that it's affecting people that look like me. That they are reading these horrible things and internalising what these bullies are saying.

"I've been called fat, ugly, obese, on my way to death etc etc for years. I'm almost used to it now. But there are people here that are not used to that. There are people who are still on a journey to be kind to themselves to accept themselves to even like themselves.

"And it breaks me that because of bullies they will never see the potential of finding peace, happiness and joy no matter what their body shape."


The issue also features several other women, including Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds, while detailing the personal journeys each undertook to 'reclaim healthy as their own'.

But the models were joined by a chorus of others who criticised Piers Morgan for his fews.

One person said: "It's a larger woman working out though. That is healthy. She's choosing a workout to suit her."

Another argued: "I know people this size that can exercise longer and harder then I can. So it's difficult to say if she is unfit or not. Size is not a sign of how fit someone is."


A third added: "You are disgusting."

Not one to leave without biting back, Piers replied to the reality star: "Actually, what's 'disgusting' is a big-selling magazine glamourising obesity at the height of a pandemic involving a virus that targets obese people more than any other weight-group."

Featured Image Credit: Callie Thorpe/Instagram

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