Aussie Politician Gets Booted From Senate Floor After Unveiling Black Lives Matter T-Shirt


Aussie Politician Gets Booted From Senate Floor After Unveiling Black Lives Matter T-Shirt

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has been kicked out of the Senate Upper House after unveiling a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.

The politician was speaking about against a fracking program in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin.

Ms Thorpe was hoping to prevent $50 million in federal cash from being given to the project, however her motion was knocked back by the Coalition and the Opposition.

She explained how Traditional Owners in the region were opposed to the fracking project and says no one in Canberra cares what they think or how they might be impacted.


"Both Labor and the Liberals need to stop listening to the oil and gas companies that purchase you and your vote. Listen to the people," she begged in parliament.

"You're being given given an opportunity to do the right thing, so do it now. Don't wait. Black lives don't matter in the Beetaloo unless you do the right thing.

"If you really care, you would listen to he Traditional Owners who don't want their country fracked, and protect sacred sites and the environment. Vote like black lives depend on it because they do."


She added: "That should be enough for [us] to do the right thing. Especially those who say Black Lives Matter like Labor, and 'I love my dot paintings' says the Libs.

"Like seriously, if you really, really care, you'll listen to the Traditional Owners of the Northern Territory who don't want their Country fracked.

"What's the point of an opposition that doesn't oppose?"


She eventually ripped off her top to reveal a Black Lives Matter in the Beetaloo t-shirt and kept chanting until she was interrupted.

Ms Thorpe was told to 'remove yourself' from the Senate because she was wearing a slogan, which is in contravention of the rules.

Lidia was backed by her followers on Twitter for stranding up against potentially damaging energy projects.


The givernment says the fracking program that is due to go ahead is designed to 'support the development of the Northern Territory gas industry'.

However, it was recently revealed that gas drilling like fracking could increase Australia's carbon emissions by as much as 13 per cent every single year.

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Featured Image Credit: Lidia Thorpe/Twitter

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