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Melbourne Woman Pregnant With Twins Taken To ICU After Contracting Coronavirus

Melbourne Woman Pregnant With Twins Taken To ICU After Contracting Coronavirus

She's on a ventilator as she struggles to breathe on her own.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A Melbourne woman has been taken to hospital after she was struggling to breathe while battling coronavirus.

To make matters worse for Kaillee Dyke, she's pregnant with twins.

Kaillee's partner Chris Lassig has posted on social media about her situation and warned everyone to be careful when they're in public so that they don't contract Covid-19.

He's uploaded a short video of Ms Dyke, where you can hear her fighting to take in breaths.

Chris wrote: "For those who haven't heard the news, this post may be a bit of a shock. Kaillee and I have both had COVID-19, and while I've fully recovered she is still very sick."

The Victorian woman was rushed to Royal Melbourne Hospital last weekend after her breathing became worrisome. She's now in the intensive care unit on a ventilator.

Chris continues: "She's been there a week now, on a ventilator and sedated so she's unaware of what's going on. But she's slowly making progress, breathing more and more by herself with the machine only providing back-up. It's now a matter of waiting until her lungs have healed enough to work on their own. The doctors say with COVID-19 it's very hard to predict, but hopefully it'll be soon."

He added that Kaillee is 27 weeks pregnant and they're incredibly worried about the soon-to-be born twins.

Chris isn't allowed to see his partner while she's in the hospital due to coronavirus restrictions.

Kaillee Dyke.
Chris Lassig/Facebook

"Even the ICU staff are careful about going into her room," Chris wrote. "But they've been super nice and helpful, and they've kept me and Kaillee's family updated via telehealth. Still, it's very difficult not being able to be there with her, and spending the days waiting by the phone.

"It's still not clear whether the virus hit her so hard because of the pregnancy, or whether it's just a bit of bad luck. And we still don't know how we got it - we don't know anyone else who's had it, and we both thought we were being cautious. To me, that shows how difficult it is to protect yourself as an individual, and so it's only by acting together that we can beat it."

Chris also shared an incredibly important message for Victorians, as the state continues to see triple-figure daily increases of the virus.

"Before she got too sick, I asked Kaillee what advice she'd give and she said, 'If the government is going to say to wear masks, then just do it. They're not overreacting with the measures that they've put in place, they're clearly there for a reason. And...anybody can get it'."

It will be mandatory for Victorians in locked down areas to wear face masks from Thursday this week.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Lassig/Facebook

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