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Queensland Couple Devastated After Their Beloved Puppy Was 'Stolen'

Queensland Couple Devastated After Their Beloved Puppy Was 'Stolen'

Tom and Caitlin say they just want Lola back.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A Queensland couple is devastated after their beloved five-month-old border collie puppy disappeared.

Lola has been missing from her Hawthorne home for several days and Tom and Caitlin Pagliaro believe that something sinister might have happened.

The puppy was last seen by the couple at their central Brisbane property at 3pm on Saturday, however CCTV shows she was still in their backyard at around 5:30pm that night.

The Pagliaros returned to their home at 9:15pm that night, leaving a near four hour gap where something has gone wrong.

They have enlisted the help of a pet detective, who agrees with that Lola was likely stolen.

Caitlin has told the Courier Mail: "[The pet detective] thought it was highly suspicious and thought it sounded like she had been stolen.

"They're at home by themselves everyday and honestly if we leave the door open she doesn't runaway... so we do think she's been taken from the yard."

They've started a Facebook page in the hope that someone somewhere will have seen Lola or at least know where she might be.

Tom has issued a plea that they really don't care whoever is behind her disappearance, they just want their puppy back.

"The message to everyone I guess is that you can surrender her to a vet or even to our front yard with no questions asked, and as long as she is brought back that is all we care about," Mr Pagliaro said to News Corp.

"It really tugs at peoples heart strings, people have taken it quite personally and been upset on our behalf and it has sparked people into a bit of action."

They said their older border collie dog Lenny has shared their devastation and hasn't been the same since Lola went missing.

They've put up a $1,000 reward for anyone that helps get Lola back in their arms.

Featured Image Credit: Find Lola/Facebook

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