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Channel 7 Reporter Gets Attacked Live On Air During Anti-Vaccine Protest In Melbourne

Channel 7 Reporter Gets Attacked Live On Air During Anti-Vaccine Protest In Melbourne

Paul Dowsley was put into a headlock as protestors marched towards Parliament House chanting 'f**k the jab'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A Channel 7 reporter has been attacked by an angry protestor as hundreds of people took to the streets in Melbourne.

Paul Dowsley was covering the anti-lockdown and anti-mandatory Covid-19 vaccine rule for the construction industry in what has been the second day of mass demonstrations.

As the stream of people in high-vis gear marched towards State Parliament, one bloke grabbed Dowsley and put him in a headlock before other people intervened. You can see the footage here.


He told the news network: "There was a group there who certainly targeted us a few minutes ago, we were standing on a seat trying to get an elevated view as the protest group walked past, a few in the crowd had it in for mainstream media.

"I'm not sure what you saw on screen but a man came from the side grabbed me around the neck and others then joined in and started a scuffle.

"The outcome of that was Rick, my cameraman colleague, and myself, now being covered in what I believe is urine. I believe that this has been thrown in my mouth, it's all over me."

"I'm just a journalist doing my job, doing my best to tell you the facts as they are presented to me and as I see them."

Hundreds of protestors marched towards the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union office for the second time in as many days.

Windows and doors were smashed yesterday as tradies rallied against a decision to force them to prove they've been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Former opposition leader Bill Shorten called the protestors 'hard-right man-baby Nazis', while CFMEU boss John Setka labeled them 'absolutely disgusting'.

Jay Kogler/Alamy Live News

Premier Daniel Andrews has now shut down the whole construction industry for two weeks in the wake of the violent protest yesterday.

However, the demonstrators have upped the ante today (September 21) and have amassed a larger group to protest against the new rules that have also seen indoor tearoom areas shut.

On their way to the CFMEU office, they were met with a long line of police officers.

After a 90-minute standoff with cops, the massive group walked down LaTrobe Street towards Parliament House.

On the way there, they lit flares, set off fireworks and chanted 'f**k' the jab'. They were again met with a huge police presence and, after chanting at the state parliament for 20-minutes, they eventually left.

The decision to introduce new rules for the construction industry came after figures revealed tradies make up 13 per cent of the state's new Covid-19 case numbers.

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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