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Russia Will Test A Nuclear Torpedo That Can Make Radioactive Tsunamis

Stewart Perrie


Russia Will Test A Nuclear Torpedo That Can Make Radioactive Tsunamis

Featured Image Credit: PA

Russia is set to test out a new weapon in their military arsenal that sounds really, really bad for the rest of the world.

According to CNN, the Kremlin is heading to the Arctic to see what kind of power a nuclear torpedo can wield.

The missile is designed to detonate off the coast of an enemy's coastline and create a radioactive tsunami.

*record scratch* Did we just say a radioactive tsunami? Yes - we most certainly did.

It's called the Poseidon 2M39, was first seen back in 2015, has been labelled a 'doomsday' device, and reportedly has 100-megatons of power hidden inside it.

It works by being driven into the ocean floor, releasing boatloads of radioactivity as well as a massive tsunami that would wreak havoc on a country.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The one major problem behind this device is that is obviously can't be used on landlocked countries.

Satellite company Maxar has provided images from space to CNN showing how Russian authorities have been capitalising on the lack of ice in the Arctic region to set up a testing facility.

The Times of London reports the Kremlin will start a round of tests on Poseidon 2M39 in the summer.

The development has obviously piqued America's interest and they are keeping a close eye on the region to ensure it's not becoming militarised for nefarious purposes.

Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said in a press conference this week: "Without getting into specific intelligence assessments, obviously we're monitoring it very closely.

"Obviously we're watching this, and, as I said before, we have national-security interests there that we know ... we need to protect and defend. And as I said, nobody's interested in seeing the Arctic become militarised."

While Russia has been building up a presence in the Arctic, so too has NATO and the US.

Experts reckon the Kremlin has been building the Poseidon 2M39 as a third strike vengeance weapon against its enemies.

In theory, if Russia attacked someone and that country or NATO hit back harder, Russia would unleash the Poseidon to cause damage that could last for decades, according to Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

A senior US State Department official told CNN: "There's clearly a military challenge from the Russians in the Arctic. That has implications for the United States and its allies, not least because it creates the capacity to project power up to the North Atlantic.

The official added there is evidence Russia is refitting old Cold War bases and building new facilities on the Kola Peninsula.

Topics: military, army, News, Russia

Stewart Perrie
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