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Sam Newman Causes Outrage For Calling Joe Biden 'Mentally R****ded'

Sam Newman Causes Outrage For Calling Joe Biden 'Mentally R****ded'

The commentator double downed when he copped a serve on social media.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Australian commentator Sam Newman has sparked severe outrage on social media after using a disability slur on the next President of the United States.

While there were loads of people sending warm messages of congratulations to Joe Biden on social media over the weekend, Newman opted for something else.

The former AFL player wrote: "Great day for inclusion and diversity. Shows someone who is mentally r****ded and has special needs, can attain high office. Congratulations, Joe Biden."


Unsurprisingly, when Newman used it in this context, he copped a serve from people across Twitter, including from Australian Paralympians.

Wheelchair tennis champion Dylan Alcott wrote: "To the people forwarding me the Sam Newman tweet, please don't. He is the lowest of the low. His disgusting hate speech doesn't deserve my or anyone else's time.

"Was lucky enough to be asked by the @vicgovernor to have dinner with the new President Joe Biden back in 2016 - and in our brief interactions he seemed like an incredibly genuine and kind bloke. Stoked that some dignity and inclusiveness will be restored!"

Those sentiments were backed up by visually impaired Australian Paralympic athlete Jodi Willis-Roberts OAM.

She said: "I'm not a fan of Sleepy Joe, however I am disabled. You really should choose your words more wisely."

Interestingly, Newman didn't buckle under the pressure, it only seemed to power him to keep going.


In response to Jodi's message, Newman double downed, writing: "Thank you. I did choose them wisely. I said he was r****ded, mentally."

The offending tweet was eventually deleted, however Newman was quick to assure his followers that it wasn't because it sparked outrage.

"Thank you for the outpouring of advice, and your interest in what I do/say. Very much appreciated. There is a reason I deleted the tweet about Joey Biden - but probably not the one you think," he said.

Newman was sacked by Channel 9 last year after he made some pretty brutal comments about George Floyd. The commentator labeled him a 'piece of s***' and said the sports people who were kneeling for him didn't know what they were doing.

The network released a statement which said they had parted ways with Newman and that the decision was 'amicable'.

"We thank Sam for his service with Nine over several decades," a Nine spokesman said. "His contribution to The Footy Show was paramount to the enormous ratings success the show enjoyed over many years."

Featured Image Credit: AFL Footy Show

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