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Scott Morrison Refuses To Comment On Donald Trump Prematurely Declaring Early Victory

Scott Morrison Refuses To Comment On Donald Trump Prematurely Declaring Early Victory

The Australian Prime Minister says the US election is a 'demonstration of democracy working'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

While there is a lot of commentary about the US election coming from Australia, the country's leader is staying tight lipped.

The world was left a little gobsmacked when Donald Trump spoke at the White House that he had won the electiondespite votes still being counted .

In addition to that, he claimed that if he didn't win then it would one of the biggest frauds in the country's history. He went on to demand that 'all voting be stopped', despite the fact there was no evidence that votes were being made after the polls closed.

It also came shortly after Trump alleged that the Democratic Party had 'stolen votes'.

While the comments seemed to raise a few eyebrows, back in Australia it didn't seem to phase Scott Morrison.

Speaking at a press conference, the Prime Minister refused to comment on Trump's premature election victory speech and said that he won't provide a 'commentary' on the way the voting is going because Australia is a 'partner' with America and not a 'participant'.

"I have great confidence in the democracy of the United States and I have great confidence in their institutions," Mr Morrison said.

"And the thing about great institutions and democracy is they deal with whatever challenges come, just like our own does.

"We respect the decisions that the American people make in their democracy."

When asked whether he was worried about the allegations flying back and forth, he stated that election officials need to be granted the respect to take their time and count every vote.


"I think, you know, a great democracy, having a great election with the greatest turnout it's ever seen in its history is actually a demonstration of democracy working," Morrison said.

The election is turning into an absolute nail biter, with Joe Biden just six electoral college votes away from becoming the 46th President of the United States.

However, Donald Trump's team has filed lawsuits against Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania and has asked for ballot counting to stop. They allege they haven't been granted the proper access to the way the vote counting is being conducted.

They have also requested a recount in the state of Wisconsin after Biden clinched victory.

Trump is also trying to take the state of Pennsylvania to the Supreme Court to see whether votes received up to three days after the election can be counted.

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