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Simple Hack Claims To Keep Flies Away All Summer

Simple Hack Claims To Keep Flies Away All Summer

This trick is super simple - and there's no chemicals involved.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch

Nothing kills those summer vibes faster than continually having to shoo away pesky flies that don't seem to have any concept of personal space.

Luckily, one clever mum seems to have found the answer to our problems with a genius hack that'll have the bug banished for good - and there's no chemicals involved.

Facebook/Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

Shared across a Facebook group based in the UK, impressed members have revealed they 'haven't seen a fly for weeks' after trying out the simple trick.

The hack involves placing a handful of coins in the bottom of a zip-lock bag and filling it with water and sealing it. You then tie the bag so it's hanging from any door that leads outside. That's it.

Group members were quick to try the easy solution, with several returning to say that the tip worked a treat.

"I have no idea how or why this utter witchcraft works, but it does!" said one.

A second said: "We live on a working farm and two days ago were being driven nuts by big buzzy flies, put this up and they have literally vanished. Not even dead on window sills just vanished!"

Facebook/Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

Added another: "Mine did too! Totally didn't believe in it and neither did my husband and now ... bags with coins on every door!"

It's thought that the super simple method works because a fly's compound eyes make the bags of liquid look like a 'giant body of water', with the prisms of colour acting as a deterrent.

Facebook/Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

It comes following one Australian woman sharing her own hack for getting rid of fruit flies using lemon and some cloves.

Ninny Kriesch explained that all you need to do is cut the ends of a lemon off and then cut it in half so it can sit in a dish.

Ninny then pokes a bunch of cloves into the lemon flesh to release a 'fairly strong, pleasant' smell which she assumes 'it's what keeps the flies away'.

Then, gently squeeze the lemon once a day to release the juice.

The method lasts up to six days and the plate should be kept in any area you wish to deter fruit flies from gathering.

Featured Image Credit: PXHere

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