Smiths Is Bringing Back Tasty Toobs After Massive Fan Campaign


Smiths Is Bringing Back Tasty Toobs After Massive Fan Campaign

After thousands of people called for their return, Smiths has finally listened.

The food company has been surprised with the level of desire for Tasty Toobs to one day come back to supermarket shelves around Australia.

While they have deflected previous questions about a potential comeback, Smith has now confirmed the best news ever.

In a statement to, it's been revealed we could chowing down on those delicious Toobs as early as next month.

Credit: Kham Tran (Creative Commons)
Credit: Kham Tran (Creative Commons)

Vandita Pandey, CMO of PepsiCo ANZ, told News Corp: "It's safe to say that we have been overwhelmed by the level of support amongst you guys for the return of Tasty Toobs.

"And it's no surprise to us that Aussies have rated Tasty Toobs the number one product they most want back on supermarket shelves.

"And we've been working on it for a while now and there have certainly been some challenges.


"But thanks to your passion and persistence, we're really excited to let you know that we're bringing back Toobs."

There were rumours the delicious snack could be making its highly anticipated return after a fan Facebook page posted a picture of a box of Toobs will be delivered on July 12.

A separate Toobs fan page on Facebook has amassed more than 16,500 followers, who have all been demanding Smiths put this celebrated snack into production once again.


The creator of that Facebook page has told that there has clearly been a massive appetite for Toobs ever since their 2015 departure.

Brad said: "There is nothing else like them on the market. When you bite into one, you get that tang in your mouth.

"Even though a number of companies have tried to replicate them, they can't get it quite right. They are crunchy, tangy and the roof of your mouth knows you've eaten them hours later. You can't stop at one... bag."

Toobs were potato-based flavoured crisps that were effectively like chunky rings coated in a variety of flavours like Chicken, Oriental, Oats, Mexican Party, and Original Tomato.


They were discontinued six years ago due to poor consumer demand. They were first invented in 1954 and hit peak popularity in the 1970s. After that, it was a slow decline until they were cancelled in 2001.

They were revived in 2007 under the name Tasty Toobs, however eventually fell on the chopping block in 2015.

Clearly Smiths is ready to take another chance on them.

Featured Image Credit: Kham Tran (Creative Commons)

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