South Australia Will Go Into Six-Day Lockdown To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

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South Australia Will Go Into Six-Day Lockdown To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

South Australia will go into a six-day rapid lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Premier Steven Marshall wants to 'go hard and go early' to stop any more people from being infected from the virus after a cluster outbreak occurred in the state.

The following things will close from midnight tonight (November 18):

  • All schools except for children of essential workers and vulnerable children
  • Takeaway food will be shut
  • Universities
  • Pubs, cafes, coffee shops and food courts
  • Elective surgery, except for urgent operations and cancer treatment will be closed
  • Open inspections and auctions for real estate
  • All outdoor sport and physical activity
  • Regional travel is not approved. If you are in a location at the commencement of these restrictions you will be required to stay there
  • Aged care and disability residential care will be in lockdown
  • Factories other than food and medical products will be closed except for where it is necessary for them to remain open to prevent damage to machinery
  • The construction industry will close for six days
  • Holiday homes will not be available for lease or rental
  • Weddings and funerals will be banned for six days
  • Outdoor sport is not permitted
  • Masks will be required in all areas outside the home

He added that this particular strain of Covid-19 is nasty.

"A highly contagious strain. Short incubation period. Variable on the way of symptoms and if we don't get on top of that very, very quickly it will get away from us and that will be disastrous for us in South Australia," Mr Marshall said.

"Of course, we know the restrictions are going to be very punishing...but we know we're doing it for the right reasons to stop a far harsher lockdown which will come if we allow the virus to get away from us.

"We have one chance at this and we know the incubation cycle is extraordinarily short that we do need to stamp it out now before it gets into larger and larger rings."


Below are the list of things that will change under the lockdown.

  • Supermarkets will remain open to provide access to food and essential
  • Residents will be also to access medical services like mental health, supplies, access to services will be available
  • Public transport will be open
  • The airport and freight services including courier services will be able to operate
  • Petrol stations, access to financial institutions and post offices will be able to be accessed
  • Mining, smelting and large factories will also be able to remain open but only those parts of the facilities that will need to operate to ensure continuity of service delivery or to prevent damage to the plant
  • Childcare will be available only for families of essential workers
  • The minimum operations of government including local government will be permitted to operate
  • Veterinary surgeons will be able to remain open
  • People will be restricted from going out of their house for a six-day period
  • South Australians are being asked to stay at home unless they are accessing essential services or are an essential worker
  • Food purchases will be available and people will be able to leave - one person per household once a day to access groceries
  • Agriculture will be able to move about to ensure the safety and welfare and processing of animals, and the production of dairy and other agricultural services
  • End of life services will also be available through organised arrangements

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