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Staffy Becomes Unlikely Best Mates With Adopted Magpie In Australia

Staffy Becomes Unlikely Best Mates With Adopted Magpie In Australia

They are together from the moment they wake up until when they go to sleep.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Animals of completely different species make friends in the wild all the time for a whole host of reasons.

Whether they depend on each other for food, have similar habitats or just enjoy hanging out, there's so many examples of inter-species friendships in the wild.

But it's even more interesting when it happens in domestic life.

An English staffy in Coomera, Queensland has bonded with an adopted magpie in a bizarre circumstance that sees the two spend hours together.

The dog named Peggy took an interest to the bird while on a walk home with her owner Juliette. The magpie was seemingly left for dead on the side of the road and they decided to take it in and nurse it back to full health.


When the bird was fighting fit after a week of some TLC, it seemed like it didn't want to leave.

"We know a wildlife specialist who told us how to care for her. She slept for the first 24 hours, we didn't think she was going to make it," Juliette said.

"We got her some live worms and a dropper with water, and within a week she had picked up.

"We always leave all the doors and windows open and have tried to get her to fly back into nature but she has no interest in leaving us.

"We've been teaching her to catch her own worms and lizards. But she really thinks she is a dog, she runs around after Peggy.


"Molly thinks Peggy is her mum, and Peggy thinks she is her daughter.

Molly and Peggy quickly became best mates and Juliette has been documenting their friendship on TikTok.

Videos of the animals hanging out and playing together have gone viral, with some clips being viewed millions of times.

"They have their own little language and talk to each other. It's so funny to watch," she said.

Peggy formed such a bond with Molly that her involuntary maternal instincts kicked in and she started lactating.


Juliette has been blown away watching the two do things together and is also amazed by the response on social media.

"They are together from the moment they wake up until when they go to sleep," the 45-year-old said. "Then they'll cuddle and play all day. It's so lovely to see them together.

"They definitely have a mother-daughter type of bond. Peggy needed something to nurture, and this little bird needed nurturing.

"We are happy for Molly to stay with us as long as she wants to, but she knows she is free to fly away anytime.

"We're blown away by their relationship, they have bought so much joy into our lives."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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