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Sydney Parents Speak Out After Son Got 'Legally Married' To Mate To Party With 150 Pals

Sydney Parents Speak Out After Son Got 'Legally Married' To Mate To Party With 150 Pals

People went wild when a photo emerged on social media showing two mates getting 'legally married' to skirt around coronavirus restrictions.

The crux of the story was that the boys wanted to have a party with 150 mates but it was disguised as a wedding ceremony.

Current rules limit outdoor gatherings to just 30 people, but the two Sydney Grammar Boys students knew they could throw an afterparty for their Year 12 formal if they pretended to get hitched.

Credit: Brown Cardigan
Credit: Brown Cardigan

Despite their cunning plan and photos of their nuptials going viral on social media, it appears the big party was foiled at the last minute.

The parents of one of the boys has spoken out and confirmed that their son didn't get away with throwing a massive party and isn't married to his mate.

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They told the Daily Telegraph: "No legally binding ceremony took place and we shut down the planned private celebratory event as soon as we found out about it, and thankfully, nobody was put at risk.

"Furthermore, we immediately engaged a security firm to ensure that if anyone tried to attend, they would be turned away - and no-one did actually turn up.


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"Our son has apologised to our family, as well as to the other families who were involved, and we have made it clear to him how important compliance with the coronavirus restrictions is."

The boys' first mistake was letting someone take a picture of them holding hands, presumably saying their vows, while a woman standing next to them, presumably a wedding celebrant, led the ceremony.

One of the people who attended the fake wedding said it blew up on social media and then the boy's address was leaked. They were quickly staring down the barrel of a Project X-style soiree and things could have spiralled out of control.

Thankfully though, the parents intervened once they. saw their kid proudly sporting a marriage certificate and the secret Year 12 formal. after party was called off.

Featured Image Credit: Brown Cardigan/Facebook

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