The Chaser Created A Scott Morrison Inaction Doll And It’s Savage

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The Chaser Created A Scott Morrison Inaction Doll And It’s Savage

The Chaser has never held back from being savage to Australia's politicians and they've called them out whenever it's warranted.

But the comedians have really upped the ante with their savagery this time with the Prime Minister.

They have debuted a Scott Morrison (in)action doll that plays on Aussies' feelings about how the pandemic is going.


Mr Morrison has been regularly criticised by people all across the country, from regular folk to state premiers, for the way the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is going.

He's also been slammed for being seemingly distant while New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia are in lockdown.

At the end of June, the Prime Minister hadn't been seen for nearly a week, both in person and on his social media accounts, sparking many to ask what the hell he was doing.

Cue The Chaser's hilarious inaction doll.


The hilarious take on Action Man dolls, this Aussie version comes with Scott Morrison dressed in civilian clothes and the product promises be 'now with 50 per cent less uses'.

"Be amazed by the super skills of the Scott Morrison inaction figure," he ad reads. "With the power to turn invisible in any hour of need, Scott can run up to 20,000kms in a day at the first sight of trouble.

"From the makers of Minister Potatohead and Engadine-Me-Elmo. Doesn't hold a hose. Batteries not accepted." Absolutely savage.

Sadly the doll doesn't appear to be actually available to buy, but who knows, if there's enough demand they could make it into the real deal.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The whole ad doesn't just refer to Scott Morrison's handling of the pandemic, but also the way he dealt with the catastrophic bushfires last year.

The Prime Minister famously nicked off to Hawaii for a family holiday while parts of the country were experiencing the worst infernos they'd seen in decades.

When he came home, he famously asked how much he was able to do as leader of the country and said he can't exactly be on the frontlines with a hose.


While Mr Morrison recovered in the polls following the Black Summer bushfire season, his pandemic response is seeing people get angry once again.

The latest Guardian Essential poll has revealed the Prime Minister has dropped 15 percentage points in public perceptions that he is good in a crisis.

He's also seen an 8 point drop on voter trust, a 9 point drop in the idea that he's 'in control of his team' and a 9 point drop on vision.

Scott Morrison insists vaccination efforts will dramatically ramp up in the coming months and still hopes to have a decent portion of the population jabbed by the end of the year.

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