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The Long Fake Nail Trend Has Now Extended To Feet


The Long Fake Nail Trend Has Now Extended To Feet

People all over the world have embraced the long acrylic nail trend with gusto.

Fuelled by a raft of celebrities jumping on the bandwagon, loads of people have paid good money to get fake nails embedded onto their fingers that stick out by a few centimetres.

Some have opted for sharp edges and others choose French tips and they come in all types of colours.

Those who haven't hopped on the trend have watched the movement gather pace over the months and thought 'you do you'.


However, the long nail campaign has moved south and some people are now getting the same look on their toenails.

Credit: ournails.com.official/Instagram
Credit: ournails.com.official/Instagram
Credit: ournails.com.official/Instagram
Credit: ournails.com.official/Instagram

Several nail technician social media pages have been showing off their customer's requests and they are certainly something.


Plenty of questions get asked about people with long fake nails like 'how do you wipe your bum' or 'isn't it a pain to write messages on your phone'.

However, surely this long nail trend for feet would present more issues. Getting your foot into anything other than a sandal or a flip flop would be next to impossible or downright painful.

Maybe they have to buy shoes that are extra large so that they can fit their new claws in. Who knows.

Some people are even trying to grow their toenails out naturally so that they don't have to buy acrylic ones.


But if you thought that look would be something based purely on looks, you'd be wrong.

You can apparently earn some money by selling your real nails, if Ayanna Williams is anything to go by.

The woman from Houston, Texas spent 28 years growing her 38 inch talons and wanted to sell them for £35,000 ($47,000).


The 54-year-old was parting with her finger friends because she wants the cash, basically; though obviously there will be practical benefits too, as she currently can't do the dishes and has to use pliers to dress herself.

She split from her husband seven years ago and was suddenly confronted with the reality of no one being around to help her do things.

"I've been growing my nails for a few decades now. I'm so, so ready for a new life. I'm know I'm going to miss them, but it's just about that time - it's time for them to go," she told the Guinness Book of Records.


"With my movements I have to be very, very careful. So usually in my mind I'm already preparing for the next step that I have to do to make sure that I don't hurt myself with my nails - or break them.

"I'm excited about cutting my nails because I'm looking forward to new beginnings."

However, it didn't seem like the appetite for her talons was as high as she thought. When the bidding started, the highest offer per nail was just £75.

Featured Image Credit: Nail Sunny/Instagram

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Stewart Perrie
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