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The Top ‘Bogan Baby Names’ For 2021 Have Been Revealed


The Top ‘Bogan Baby Names’ For 2021 Have Been Revealed

There are so many options on the table when parents are expecting the pitter patter of little feet.

When it comes to names, you can go for something traditional, obscure, your favourite location or you could even twist words into new ones to suit the vision for your kid.

While everyone is entitled to their own decision, there are some parents out there who have gone rogue for the name of their child.

Kidspot has published its annual list of 'bogan' baby names that have either been registered online or have been confirmed through conversation.


Some of them are absolute crackers.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

In the lad's category, you've got Crash, Legend, Lundynn, Fysh, Heller, Jacksin, Kuba, Lynxx, Pinches and Rolexus.

Why choose between your favourite watch brand and car brand when you can just combine the two together and form one mega name.


Look, these are all beautiful names in their own right and no one is criticising the parents, especially if there is a lovely story behind the moniker (please let there be a decent story).

Now onto the girl's names and they are just as good.

There were real-life children called Chardae, Sharlet, Jenesis, Mattel, Summerbreeze, Trynyty, Wednezdai, Velveeta, Zacqueline and Vagina.

Yes, before you ask, these are legitimate names that have been given.


There was even a mum who named one daughter Sativa, which is one of two types of marijuana. She was so thrilled with the name that she decided to give her second daughter the moniker of Indica, which is the other type of weed.

But you need to be careful when giving your offspring a name because it can be illegal in some places.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Dan and Mandy Sheldon had to defend themselves when they named their kid Lucifer.


"It actually means light-bringer, the bearer of light," Dan said on This Morning. "So we liked the name, it's one you remember, and it's not very popular, so we chose that for our son."

Dan claims the registrar said the child would 'never succeed in life, no teacher would want to teach him and no employer would want to hire him', if he was given the name.

The proud father continued: "It should have been a joyous day, and it was very hurtful. We didn't know what to say, we didn't know what response to give to her."

While they were allowed to give their baby the name, it was pointed out to them that such a moniker is illegal in New Zealand.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Stewart Perrie
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