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Those Cinema-Only Choc Top Ice Creams Are Now Available At Coles

Those Cinema-Only Choc Top Ice Creams Are Now Available At Coles

This will certainly fill the Choc Top-sized hole in our hearts.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Picture this scenario from a pre-Covid world: you're walking through the food section of your local cinema trying to work out what to eat over the next two hours of entertainment.

You're wondering whether you should get some popcorn, or maybe dive into the pick-and-mix section, or maybe some chips to compliment your obnoxiously large drink.

While it's a tough decision to make, few movie theatre treats compare to the humble Choc Top. Regardless of the flavour, they're the perfect treat to stuff your face with during the film... or at any other time, for that matter


Well, due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down these fabulous entertainment halls, one of suppliers of the ice creams has decided to put them on sale outside of their traditional cinema home.

Bulla had a stack of stock lying around due to people self-isolating and wants to make sure that people can still get their dose of ice cream.

They're now stocked at Coles and a four pack will set you back $10.

Bulla CEO Allan Hood said: "Since the closure of cinemas across the country, we have been working hard to find alternative solutions to ensure Aussies don't miss out on the high-quality products they know and love during these trying times."

"We are thankful for the support of Coles in partnering with us to enable movie (and ice cream) lovers across the country to recreate the authentic movie night experience in their own home, complete with our Bulla Choc Tops."

"The Choc Top is synonymous with cinema outings and as Australia eagerly awaits their return, we are still working closely with our cinema partners to ensure there is plenty of product to supply once they are open again to the public."

You'll be able to pick up Mint, Boysenberry, Vanilla, Choc Fudge and Salted Caramel flavours at all participating stores.

Some flavours might not be available everywhere so you could have to check out a few Coles supermarkets to get what you crave.

Until such time as we can head back in our droves to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster, this will certainly fill the Choc Top-shaped hole in our hearts.

Featured Image Credit: Bulla

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