Tourist Left Dangling 100m In The Air After Glass Bridge Shatters In High Winds


A tourist has experienced an absolute nightmare after high winds swept through a region in China.

If you have any fear of heights you might want to stop reading now.

A man was walking along a glass-bottomed bridge at a resort in the Jilin Province in the country's north-east when horror struck, according to The Straits Times.

Wind gusts of up to 150km/h were being recorded in the area and these extremely high winds managed to knock off many of the glass panes.

Sadly for the man, he was then left stranded on one section and had to cling on for dear life near the Piyan Mountain in the city of Longjing.

It would've been a good idea not to look down as the bridge sits 100 metres above the ground.

Credit: Weibo

Images of the terrifying ordeal were circulated on China's social media platform Weibo and they've given people around the world a massive fright.

Firefighters, police, tourism and forestry officials were called in to help the man get off safely.

The tourist managed to crawl along the beams of the bridge and was back on solid ground nearly an hour after the glass panes were destroyed.

According to local media, he was taken to hospital to get psychological counselling.

The Piyan Mountain resort has been closed following the incident and the Longjing city government has launched an investigation into how the glass panes became dislodged.

They're also doing a comprehensive safety inspection of all tourist attractions in the region.

Glass bridges are reportedly quite popular in China, however there are specific guidelines on what is allowed when they are built and operated.

North China's Hebei Province introduced technical standards back in 2018 that required bridges to be closed during bad weather and natural disasters.

There is also a rule that only permits three people or less in every square metre to ensure the glass doesn't crack.

The Geological Museum of China reported in 2016 that there are at least 60 glass bridges that had been built or were in the process of construction.

Featured Image Credit: Weibo

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