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Two Melbourne Men Fined For Breaching Lockdown To Play Pokémon Go

Two Melbourne Men Fined For Breaching Lockdown To Play Pokémon Go

Hundreds of people have been issued infringement notices since Stage 3 lockdown began.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Victorian Police have issued hundreds of infringement notices to people found breaking the Stage 3 Stay At Home Orders.

The lockdown was introduced to the Melbourne metro and Mitchell Shire areas last week after a significant coronavirus outbreak. Authorities have seen hundreds of new coronavirus cases over the past three weeks, with around 250 being identified yesterday alone.

Understandably, police want everyone to stay indoors and stick to the rules to ensure people are social distancing. However, some are finding it really difficult.

Two Melbourne men were fined when officers discovered they were driving around the city playing Pokémon Go.


While the smartphone game might be a distant memory for some people, it's a fun way to stave off the boredom for others. The only problem is that the game requires you to break the biggest rule: don't leave your home unless it's essential.

Victoria Police issued a statement, saying: "Police intercepted two males in a vehicle parked in the carpark of a goods store in Seville. Police asked... their reasons for being out and both stated they were playing Pokémon while showing the evidence on their phones to the officers."

While they fronted up about their reason for being outside, it wasn't good enough and they were fined.

In another incident that has surprised police, a person ordered food from a KFC store and refused to leave because they wanted to eat it in store. When officers arrived, the person refused to leave again and was promptly fined.


Officers have issued 40 fines to people visiting massage parlours and brothels during lockdown.

Authorities have also been shocked by the number of people still hosting social gatherings inside the lockdown area.

A whopping 63 fines have been handed out in the past 24 hours, which includes 10 people who were found on a driveway sitting around a gas heater and knocking back a couple of cold ones. They tried to tell officers that they were social distancing but they were all fined.

Police have even starting resorting to searching cupboards and garages when they do raids.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Rick Nugent said: "The most common reason is going to visit family and friends or associates for overnight stays."

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Rick Nugent.

Premier Daniel Andrews has warned that he won't hesitate to introduce more restrictions if case numbers don't improve.

"How long restrictions are, the nature of those restrictions, how many people have to go to hospital, how many people are in intensive care and how many people ultimately die - that is all the product of how hard we all work," he said.

The only reasons you're allowed to leave your home is for work, education, care or compassionate needs, exercise, and essential visits like grocery shopping and doctor's visits.

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