Conservative US Journalist Claims 10 Million People In South Australia Are Now In Lockdown


Conservative US Journalist Claims 10 Million People In South Australia Are Now In Lockdown

South Australia has entered a coronavirus lockdown after the confirmation of two new cases.

A new case overnight has now brought the cluster to six and authorities are wasting no time in making sure they stamp out the outbreak.

However, conservative commentators who are against lockdowns have thrown their opinions into the ring to garner support - even if they're not Australian.

US conservative journalist Emerald Robinson took to Twitter overnight to express her dismay at seeing South Australia enter lockdown.


But the NewsMax reporter might want to get her facts right first.

She wrote: "Over 10 million people in South Australia are in lockdown again over 2 new cases of COVID. 2 cases."

It's seemingly an attempt at saying South Australian authorities are blowing this cluster way out of proportion.

However, it's strange that she also thinks nearly half of Australia's entire population is confined to that one state.


Emerald's post was quickly filled with comments from Aussies who tried to give her a quick geography lesson.

One person wrote: "Firstly, it's roughly 2 million people. Secondly, it's currently 5 cases. Thirdly, it's because it was identified as the Delta variant, but you know, the facts aren't that important it seems."


Another added: "1. There's 5 cases in South Australia 2. South Australia has a population of 1.8mil 3. Even if you included Victoria that still falls well short of 10 million. 4. Australians don't care what you think None of your facts are correct other than South Australia going into lockdown."

A third said: "As a South Australian I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of the 1.8mill of us (only 15% vacc due to slow rollout) are happy to have a 1 week lock down to nip this delta outbreak in the bud. What is extreme is your grossly inaccurate reporting."

Despite the overwhelming response to the post, it's surprising Emerald hasn't taken it down.

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