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Australian Vegan Activist Confronts Children Entertainers About 'Enslaving' Ponies

Australian Vegan Activist Confronts Children Entertainers About 'Enslaving' Ponies

Tash Peterson said it was 'blatant slavery' that ponies were being forced to dress up like unicorns.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A vegan activist has confronted children's entertainers about her issue with using ponies for fun in Australia.

Tash Peterson approached Ponies For Any Occasion owner Meg Freeman while she was on her way to the Funmantle children's holiday festival in Fremantle over the weekend.

Ms Freeman's employees were dressed up as fairies and their ponies were adorned with flowers and horns to be made to look like unicorns.

Ms Peterson had a massive problem with the Pones For Any Occasion owner and accused her of exploiting the animals for entertainment.

The 27-year-old shouted 'animal abuse' in front of children while they were interacting with the ponies and filmed the altercation to broadcast it to her thousands of followers on social media.

Tash Peterson/Facebook

Despite the business owner claiming the ponies were perfectly okay, the vegan activist hit back and said: "If they were humans, do you think it would be any different?"

She added that what Mr Freeman's business amounts to is 'slavery'.

"It's blatant slavery. Don't treat animals like that, they deserve to live freely. I'm standing up for these animals that can't speak for themselves," she said.

A clearly distressed Ms Freeeman tried to get Ms Peterson away from her staff and the children approaching the ponies.

She could be heard on camera saying: "Don't upset the girls. You're actually being aggressive and I don't think it's very kind. There's children here, please."

Police were called over and Ms Peterson was issued a caution for disturbing the peace.

Tash Peterson/Facebook

When uploading the video to Facebook, Ms Peterson fired up her vegan rhetoric to convince people not to give their money to businesses like this.

The 27-year-old wrote: "These innocent slaves are being subjugated and demeaned to create profit for their slave owners to entertain children.

"Dressed as unicorns - painted nails, braided hair, flower necklaces and shaved love hearts into their body hair; it is obvious that these beautiful creatures are being objectified and their freedom stolen from them for someone else's entertainment.

"I couldn't believe what I saw in front of me when I saw the depressed faces of those two ponies.

"Today was a hot and intensely humid day with a lot of smoke in the air from a local fire, and these beings were being subjugated to prancing around with children in their faces taking photos all day long."

Ms Peterson left a negative review of Ponies For Any Occasion on social media, however the company has hit back.

In a comment on a post, the business asked for people to report Tash for using a carriage service and social media to bully and harass someone.

Featured Image Credit: Tash Peterson/Facebook

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