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Vegan Protestors Clash With Diners After Staging A Rally Outside Australian Restaurant

Vegan Protestors Clash With Diners After Staging A Rally Outside Australian Restaurant

Armed with megaphones and fake blood stained shirts, the protestors yelled at diners about the perils of the meat industry.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A group of vegan protestors got into a heated confrontation after staging a rally outside an Australian restaurant.

Dressed in fake blood-stained shirts and armed with megaphones, the demonstrators from Direct Action Everywhere told diners at the Hog's Breath Cafe in Brisbane that they shouldn't eat meat, with one protestor saying 'we as a society have blood on our hands'.

The confrontation started to ramp up with diners no longer wanting to listen to the demonstrators.

Daily Mail Australia said one man picked up a chair and threatened one of the vegan protestors before walking inside. One person said: "Everyone's shouting. Stop the f***ing shouting."

Direct Action Everywhere/Facebook

It got very intense between the two groups, with the confrontation threatening to turn physical. The demonstrators walked away from the restaurant to avoid an escalation in tempers.

After uploading a 20 minute video of the encounter to Facebook, the protestors have been praised by their supporters for furthering their message about eating meat.

One person said: "Awesome action. Activists smashing out those facts."

Another added: "That got heated! Well done everyone for being a voice for the voiceless victims!!!"

A third wrote: "Typical aggression from meat eaters. Happens every time! Animal activists are never violent. Loud... yes. But not violent. Typical male power trips."

Direct Action Everywhere have staged similar protests around Australia that are aimed at disrupting people's meals by telling them about the meat industry.

Direct Action Everywhere/Facebook

Western Australian members of the vegan group targeted a restaurant in Perth last month and got a similarly icy reception.

They carried signs saying 'did your food have a face?' while a person with a megaphone dished out information about the process of turning animals into food.

The protestor with the megaphone can be heard saying: "It's not food, it's violence. Humane slaughter is a lie."

Another person yelled: "They spend their whole lives inside factory farms for a few minutes of your taste pleasure."

The rally was live-streamed on the Direct Action Everywhere Facebook page, which has been liked and shared by hundreds of people.

The video showed many diners quietly sitting and continuing to eat while the protestors carried out their 'disruption'.

Featured Image Credit: Direct Action Everywhere/Facebook

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