Vladimir Putin Signs Law Allowing Him To Rule Until 2036


Vladimir Putin Signs Law Allowing Him To Rule Until 2036

Vladimir Putin is all set to remain in Russia's top job for another decade and a half.

The Kremlin's leader has officially signed into law a policy that permits him to serve as President until 2036.

He's currently 68 years old, meaning he could be 83 by the time he steps down, but there's no stopping him chucking in a new law allowing him to stay until he's gone from this earth.

It comes after he secured a win in a referendum last year, which funnily enough returned preliminary results five hours before the polls had closed.


Instead of the two consecutive six year terms that were previously the maximum, Putin's presidential term count will be reset to zero - allowing him to potentially serve two more terms, which would take us to 2036.

Putin, a former KGB agent, said when the referendum was announced that he believes it's not the time to change power in Russia, in order to secure the country's 'evolutionary development'.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

He said: "We have had enough revolutions. I have no doubt that the day will come when the supreme, presidential power in Russia will not be so personified, if I may say so, that it will not be connected to a certain individual.


"But this is exactly how it was in our previous history, and we must take this into account."

When proposing the referendum to the Russian public, he made the vote about patriotism and a promise of securing Russia's future.

Putin announced: "We are not just going to vote on amendments that have been clearly formulated as legal norms.

"We are going to vote for the country where we want to live, with cutting-edge education and healthcare, a reliable system of social protection and an effective government accountable to the people... which we would like to pass on to our children and grandchildren."


The ballot asked for a yes or no answer to 206 amendments, the vote to reset Putin's term limits was just one of them.

The official campaign focused on other issues, including a ban on gay marriage, a guarantee on indexation of pensions, as well as other benefits.

CNN states that the amendments were 'designed to appeal to conservative voters'.

Putin has now been in power longer than any other Russian or Soviet leader since Josef Stalin, who was leader from 1924 until 1953, when he died.

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