Wife Complains About Husband Who Loudly Farts In Public And Has No Problem With It


Wife Complains About Husband Who Loudly Farts In Public And Has No Problem With It

A woman has opened up about the controversial thing her husband does without a care in the world.

While most of us will try to only squeeze out a fart with the delicateness of handling a 1,000 year old piece of paper, this one bloke does the opposite.

Apparently, he pushes them out with maximum force and is proud of it.

In an opinion piece published by Kid Spot, the woman has opened up about the issue that has caused hundreds of fights.


"Ben had done this sort of thing from very early on in our relationship and he continues to do it now," she said. "In his eyes, farting, in fact any type of flatulence is perfectly normal.

"Like Shrek, Ben says 'better out than in' whenever I raise it as an issue."

Credit: Aqua Mechanical (Flickr)
Credit: Aqua Mechanical (Flickr)

One moment that has stuck in her mind was when she was meeting colleagues at a fancy restaurant.


She had only been at the job for two months and was just starting to get comfortable with her workmates.

However, when she approached the colleagues, who mostly consisted of the leadership team, her husband let out a massive fart.

The woman says it was obvious that all her co-workers had heard it and they were disgusted and shocked by the act.

Despite this, her husband kept introducing himself to everyone and acted like nothing had gone wrong.


The woman wrote: "While I don't have an issue with farting or burping at home, I do think when you are in public or at social events that common courtesy should prevail and you save the release of whatever gas is building for home, or at least the toilet.

"Ben, though, does not agree with this view. Instead, he is very comfortable, confident even, in letting the loudest and most foul-smelling farts out whenever and wherever he needs to.

"Over the years this has included: while in line at the grocery store with several trolleys (and shoppers) behind us, in packed movie theatres, at dinner parties with friends, at other people's significant birthdays, in elevators, weddings... yep, Ben has even farted at funerals."

Despite her numerous pleas for him to quit it, he continues on, seemingly only emboldened by the calls to stop.


She tried to draw up a list of places that are unacceptable to fart, but Ben says there is no place he won't let one rip.

The wife's new strategy is to pretend like she doesn't know him if they're somewhere like the grocery store, but in intimate social scenarios she just has to acknowledge it, apologise for it and move on.

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