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Woman Creates Exit Interview For Men Who Ghost Her

Woman Creates Exit Interview For Men Who Ghost Her

A woman has created an exit interview for the men who ghost her on dating platforms, asking them why they ghosted and how she can improve.

Hannah Blackiston

Hannah Blackiston

Those of us who have been ghosted know how incredibly frustrating the process can be.

To be talking to someone, or even dating someone, and think everything is going really well and there's a possible love connection there, only for them to fall off the planet, is one of the worst parts of dating.

For people who've experienced it more than once, particularly in a row, it moves from frustration to something much worse and it leads to you doing things like this.

A woman in Nashville has decided she's so sick of being ghosted she's created an exit interview for the men she dates to find out what the problem is.

Taking it on herself to become a ghostbuster, Shanna decided she was going to get to the bottom of why a man she matched with on Bumble stopped texting her after a couple of dates.

So she created an 'exit quiz', including questions like 'why did you ghost Shanna' and 'what could Shanna do to stop getting ghosted'.

The thing is, I completely understand the frustration of getting ghosted, but I am not convinced finding out why it happened would help me process.

I suspect it would just make me angrier.

Shanna also included questions about her personality and how hot she is which I feel really has the potential to go very badly, very quickly.

Shanna says she had 'zero intention' on getting anything meaningful out of the quiz, but instead designed it for 'pure comedy' after one particularly nasty ghosting.

She felt she 'vibed so hard' with a guy she was texting from a dating app, but midway through a couple of getting to know you messages, he stopped replying.


"The last conversation we had was about my work truck, so there it wasn't like, 'Oh, red flag, I'm going to stop talking to her,' " Shanna said.

In response to the questionnaire, the man told Shanna that the reason he ghosted her was that he 'caught feelings too fast and don't know what feelings are' and his tip for her to avoid being ghosted in the past was to 'date women because men are dumb'.

I was right, this quiz makes me very angry.

Mate, if you don't 'know what feelings are' why are you on a dating app and unfortunately as much as we would love to be able to just 'date women' things don't work like that you absolute dumpster fire.

"Keep being a badass b***h and I'm sorry I was a d**k," he ended the quiz, adding that he thought she was 'smoking hot'.

Dating apps are cesspits and I hate this so much. This woman is either a hero for going through this process, or a masochist.


Luckily the commenters on these videos are saving me, pointing out that it's very unlikely Shanna is the problem and much more likely it's the ghosts themselves.

"Why are you assuming you're the problem? Why aren't men the problem?" one asks.


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