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Wombat Shot 26 Times In 'Shocking' Animal Cruelty Attack In South Australia

Wombat Shot 26 Times In 'Shocking' Animal Cruelty Attack In South Australia

Animal welfare campaigners were shocked after discovering a wombat who had been shot 26 times in South Australia.

The animal was found by a wildlife carer on the side of a road in the state's south-east.

The wombat, who has since been named Harold, was also suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Incredibly, despite suffering more than two dozen gunshot wounds and being left for dead, he has miraculously survived and is now being nursed back to health.


The Wombat Awareness Organisation said on Facebook: "Our vet has popped him on IV fluids, AB's and pain relief and he is becoming more responsive but he has a long way to go.

"Would you believe that a beautiful wildlife carer was driving up from the South East today to our vet clinic when this boy showed up on the side of the road and she picked him up and delivered him to the clinic! Devine timing.

"The next few days are critical but we have everything crossed for this incredibly brave, resilient boy!"

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The RSPCA has been alerted to the incident and they are currently looking into who would have done such a thing. At the moment, there aren't any suspects.

The Wombat Awareness Organisation says wombats are often targeted by heartless individuals and they regularly get animals coming into their care with severe head injuries from being shot in the face.

All species of wombat are protected by law in every state and territory across Australia, except for Victoria.

While Harold managed to survive his attack, the next few days will be crucial in ensuring he will survive.


The Organisation wrote: "I am trying not to get too excited as the next 48 hours are crucial and he is far from being out of the woods but he showed enthusiasm for his food today! It is a really positive sign. Aside from this, he is still deeply resting and recovering. Please keep him in your thoughts, I know he feels everyone's love."

Here's hoping Harold gets back to full health.

Featured Image Credit: Wombat Awareness Organisation

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