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Woolworths Has Unveiled A Fully Vegan And Gluten-Free Christmas Lunch Range

Woolworths Has Unveiled A Fully Vegan And Gluten-Free Christmas Lunch Range

A traditional Christmas lunch in Australia is probably a nightmare for vegans.

The Aussie spread on December 25 usually includes prawns, ham, a turkey, followed by desserts that will definitely have butter, milk or cream inside.

As a result, there's not much on offer, however Woolworths has you covered if you're looking for something a bit different this year.

The supermarket giant has unveiled a brand new vegan range of Christmas food that will no doubt be heaven on earth for those who avoid eating anything that has come from an animal.


In the range, you've got the Woolies Plant Based Christmas Roast, the Vegan Cauliflower & Mushroom Wellingtons, the Gold Dark Chocolate & Davidson Plum Pudding, and the Woolworths Plantitude Vegan Petite Meringue Nests.

It will pretty much cover you for all your main and dessert needs.

Credit: Woolworths
Credit: Woolworths

The roast is made with soy protein and infused with 'traditional Christmas herbs and spices' and topped off with a cranberry glaze.

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Woolworths Plant-based Category Manager Mauro Pisani said in a statement: "The 'flexitarian' diet is definitely one of this year's growing food trends, and we continue to see many of our customers swapping traditional meat and dairy for plant-based and vegan alternatives a few times each week.

"Christmas is about sharing good food with loved ones and we want to make those celebrations easier for our customers to make simple swaps that support their dietary choices."

Now, if you're not vegan but would rather avoid all the gluten on Christmas Day then Woolies has you covered again.

They have unveiled a gluten-free version that is similarly delectable.


The supermarket will be releasing Fruit Mince Pies, Iced Fruit Cake Slices, Fruit Cake, Fruit Pudding and a Chocolate Pudding all without gluten. Not too shabby, eh?

These new additions will be in Woolworths' 800 stores from today (November 18).

Featured Image Credit: Woolworths

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