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People Are Confused Over Object That Fell Out Of Richard Ashcroft's Trouser Leg On 'Soccer AM'

People Are Confused Over Object That Fell Out Of Richard Ashcroft's Trouser Leg On 'Soccer AM'

The former lead singer of The Verve was appearing on Soccer AM when a mysterious item fell out of his trouser leg

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

People on social media are confused over a mysterious item that fell from Richard Ashcroft's trouser leg onto the floor during a live Soccer AM broadcast.

Viewers posted on social media, speculating as to what the item might be - with common consensus assuming it to be a small plastic bag or sachet - after it fell from the former Verve frontman's sock.

Sky One / Soccer AM

One person wrote: "Can you confirm what fell out of Richard's trouser leg/shoe as he sat down please?"

And a second had a reasonable explanation: "Happens all the time, maybe a new shirt they always drop off."

Another person agreed, adding: "Will just be the spare button falling out of his trousers I reckon mate."


At approximately 4.30pm today, Ashcroft posted a photograph of himself to Facebook with the caption 'Just to clear up before the lawyer knocks on your door', along with the hashtag #naturalrebel (a reference to the title of his forthcoming album) and a link to an Instagram post - however, the latter post appears to have been swiftly deleted.

He later posted on Twitter about the incident, writing: "Ha 635k thousand people watched some paper fall out of my trousers ha should have done this for my video." [sic]


He later tweeted another picture of himself with the caption 'it's all good baby baby'.

LADbible has contacted Ashcroft's record label for comment.

The Mirror reported that the 47-year-old was on the show to discuss Anthony Joshua's first world heavyweight title fight against Alexander Povetkin and said he was on his way to Wembley later to watch the bout ringside.

During the show, Ashcroft, went into a rant about ITV's The X Factor, telling hopeful musicians to turn off the show 'immediately' if they want to pursue a career in music.

Speaking on the programme he said: "I'll give you a piece of advice, when X Factor comes on tonight, right - if you're a budding musician - turn it off immediately.

"No seriously, and go and find an instrument and no matter how rubbish you are, within that hour you'll have done more for your future than just sat there watching people who have no right to be judging anyone musically.


"Every Saturday night they tell the youth of the nation that you need to queue up in the rain in order for them four to tell you whether you're good or not.

"Turn the telly off, get hold of your guitar, your keyboard, your drum machine, however you make music, and spend that hour when that show is on making your own stuff.

"So when it comes to it, you're owning your material. You're not going, 'Simon, can I have a little bit more on publishing on that tune? Simon, we've been on the road for three years, can we have a break?'"

Featured Image Credit: Soccer AM/PA

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