My Chemical Romance Tease UK Tour Dates

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My Chemical Romance Tease UK Tour Dates

After the announcement of a few festival slots around the world, including a little one that goes by the name of Coachella, My Chemical Romance have teased UK dates on their Twitter.

Having made their much-awaited return last month with a huge reunion show in LA, which sold out in minutes, the band have obviously realised they are on to a winner.

They posted an image of a very emo hooded figure on their social media, captioned only with a Union Jack emoji - which of course, when you read between the thinly veiled lines, you can assume they're getting ready to announce a UK tour.


And it kind of comes just in time, because people are petitioning for the return of emo, in homage to the 'rawring 20s'.

If you're in your 20s now, the likelihood is that when you were growing up, some of your friends were emo to the core - those are the ones who will most likely be getting all excited about MCR's return.

Well, Twitter users have recently come out in force to demand a return to the emo fashions of the 2000s. Someone has even decided to create a petition entitled: "Bring back 2005 emo culture in the 2020s so we can call that decade the rawring 20s."


You know - like Roaring Twenties - what they called the 1920s? Geddit?

If you're not familiar with the emo movement - yeah, I'm calling it a movement - it basically involved very skinny black jeans, massively over-swept side fringes, a lot of died jet black hair and music by bands that seemed to love a scream and then a bit of a moan about their girlfriend.

Oh, and of course pre-emoji smileys made with punctuation and a lot of annoying words - including the word 'rawr', which I'm told is 'I love you' in dinosaur.

And now MCR are about to set out on their reunion tour, where they will play festival slots in Australia, New Zealand and Japan - and hopefully, the UK.


What a way to kick of the 'rawring' 20s.

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