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Nazi Prison Camp Survivor Gives Harrowing Testimony At Trial Of 96-Year-Old 'Involved In 11,000 Deaths'

Nazi Prison Camp Survivor Gives Harrowing Testimony At Trial Of 96-Year-Old 'Involved In 11,000 Deaths'

The holocaust survivor has issued horrifying claims following her experience at the camp

A survivor of a Nazi concentration camp has given a harrowing testimony at the trial of Irmgard Furchner, dubbed 'secretary of evil', who denies any involvement in the 11,412 deaths, from 1943 to 1945.

Asia Shindelman, 93, was recently speaking via a video link from the US and she went into detail of the terror witnessed at Stutthof camp in 1944 at Nazi-occupied Danzig, Poland.

From her New Jersey home, the 93-year-old told the court that she lived 'among loving, caring people', report Daily Mail.

She lived with her Yiddish-speaking family and her father was a beauty salon owner.

However, after the Nazi occupation, she revealed: "We Jews were no longer allowed to walk on the sidewalk, only on the street where the cars were driving."

Shindelman said that her family were taken to a ghetto in August 1941 where three families shared a room.


She recalled a moment where one person who smuggled a pack of cigarettes into the camp was hung in front of the public, in order to set an example for other prisoners.

Shindelman then described how guards would kill inmates by throwing them onto electric fences and setting dogs on them.

She told the court: "'The guards were allowed to do whatever they wanted to us.

"They threw people against the electric fence, they were killed instantly.

"Others threw them to dogs to eat or shot them directly."

Furchner, 96, was a concentration camp typist and is currently on trial following the huge accusations.


Last week, another witness, Josef Salomonovic, gave evidence in court while Furchner, stared over towards him.

According to The Telegraph, 83-year-old Mr Salomonovic recalled being six when his dad kissed him goodbye before being killed by a lethal injection to his heart.

The Jewish survivor, whose family was from Czechoslovakia, told the court: "Maybe she has trouble sleeping at night. I know I do."

Furchner is accused of being an accessory to the murder of 11,412 people at a concentration camp situated in Nazi-occupied Poland, something she denies.

She worked in an office outside the main Stutthof camp and says that she didn't know what was going on inside - something Mr Salomonovic dismisses.

The survivor described how he went through eight camps, including Auschwitz, and explained: "I was classified as a parasite. Everyone who couldn't work was a parasite.

"I got into the cattle wagon and of course, I didn't know we were going to Auschwitz, or that this was the last time I would see my father. He kissed me."

Tuesday was the ninth day of Furchner's trial, which continues. 

Over the six years in which the camp operated, it is thought some 110,000 people were sent there, of which up to 65,000 died.

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