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Toddler Ruins £4,000 Living Room In Five Minute Painting Spree

Toddler Ruins £4,000 Living Room In Five Minute Painting Spree

If there is one thing in the world it is impossible to stay mad at it is children, followed quickly by dogs - obviously.

Despite that however, one tiny tot pushed his luck just about as far as it can go when he decided to get a bit creative in his parents' living room.


Left alone for just five minutes, Olly Nelson, then just three-years-old, got very Grand Designs and decided to redecorate.

According to his mum, Faye Comber, she and her fiance, Paul Nelson, had just spent £3,500 on a new coat of paint and a new sofa. Ouch.

Admin assistant Faye, 25, from Carlisle, said she became suspicious when Olly was uncharacteristically quiet and then sprinted down the stairs in her underwear when she suddenly smelled paint.

You can guess how the rest of this went.

Mercury Press
Mercury Press

In a matter of minutes, Olly had covered the walls, sofa, and carpet in tiny handprints. But it wasn't until he got his bike out that Olly really went to town.

And his mum was not happy. Quelle surprise.

She said: "I was getting changed when I suddenly realised he was too quiet and there was a strong smell of paint.

"I rushed downstairs and came around the corner into the living room.

"He was stood there covered head to toe in white emulsion paint - on his hands, his feet, new outfit, the lot.

"I was absolutely mortified. He didn't just stop at opening the tin of paint he made pictures with it and rode his bike through it.

"How he did all of this in five minutes I don't know. You would think he's been left an hour the destruction he's caused."

Mercury Press
Mercury Press

But like all mums, Faye just couldn't stay angry at her little boy. I mean, come on, he's adorable.

She said: "You could see on his face he was like 'uh-oh', he knew he'd done something wrong.

"His coping mechanism is to make a joke out of things so when he announced, 'look Mummy I've made a picture' it was hard to be angry with him.

"He eventually did sneak off and try to hide - he knew he was in the doghouse."

Faye says she thinks Olly had accidentally spilled the tin but had then caused even more mess when he tried to scoop the paint back up.

I mean, if he's riding his bike through the paint, I'm guessing he didn't try that hard, but we'll let him off.

Faye rang her mum Lisa Comber, 59, in a desperate bid to save the carpet and the sofa from Olly's destructive doodles.

Mercury Press
Mercury Press

She then assembled a crack team of cleaners, including Paul's grandparents, who spent two hours helping her scrub the room clean.

Not only had Olly covered the living room in paint, but he'd damaged £1,200 worth of carpet.

But all's well that ends well, right?

Faye said she and Paul couldn't stay mad at Olly for too long and luckily the damage was covered by their insurance.

Faye said: "You couldn't do anything but laugh. If I hadn't have laughed I would have cried.

"Paul has only just got over it and finally found the funny side of it."

Let's not forget, Olly was just three and did all this in five minutes. I wish I was that productive.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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