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Arnold Schwarzenegger Drop Kicked From Behind While Taking Selfies With Fans

Arnold Schwarzenegger Drop Kicked From Behind While Taking Selfies With Fans

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been dropkicked by a fan while attending an event in South Africa. The shocking moment was caught on video:

The bizarre moment happened when the 71-year-old Terminator star was taking selfies with fans, when a man suddenly appeared from behind with an absolutely brutal two-footed drop kick to the actor's back.

Schwarzenegger was judging a skipping competition before the attack happened - and obviously the guy was immediately dragged off.


The former Mr. Universe was thankfully unhurt after the attack, and even Tweeted out in true, cool Arnie style, assuring fans he was fine.

He even said he didn't clock that he had been kicked, although from the video I have no idea how that could feel like merely getting 'jostled'. He is absolutely hard as nails, isn't he?

All the legend was arsed about was his video, saying he was just glad the 'idiot' responsible didn't ruin the Snapchat selfie he was taking.

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An earlier video showed him greeting fans at the multi-sport event Arnold Classic Africa, where fans seemed made up to meet him.

In he clip, the attacker can be heard shouting as he's dragged away, with some reports saying he yells: "Help me, I need a Lamborghini." Not a bloody clue what that means, or how drop-kicking Arnold Shhwarzenegger in the back will help to achieve it - but there we go.

The Arnold Sport Festival is a yearly event, which hosts a variety of different sports festivals across six continents each year.


The Arnold Classic Africa, where the incident happened, takes place in Johannesburg every May.

All events feature a load of pro bodybuilding related competitions (obvs) - including amateur bodybuilding, strength and combat sports.

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