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ASOS 'Choker' Causes Outrage Among Parents

ASOS 'Choker' Causes Outrage Among Parents

Mumsnet users have reacted with anger over a women's ASOS choker with many calling it offensive

Ronan O'Shea

Ronan O'Shea

Social media users have reacted with outrage at the release of a new 'choker' from ASOS.

The online retailer's Hanger Latex Flame Choker shows a model wearing a belt-like red 'choker' around her neck.

She is also seen wearing a t-shirt with the words Hanger, which was deemed offensive by some users.

The controversy emerged on a Mumsnet thread, where many questioned the retailer's advertisement of the item.

"I don't know if offensive is the right word, but I do think it's an awful piece of clothing, suggestive and inappropriate," one user wrote.

Another said: "Hanger???? What the actual fuck?? It's horrendous! I'm getting onto them now! Even her pose is suspect."

Another user took issue with the brand name and 'suicide' theme.

"That's disgusting. Without the name and the word 'Hanger' on her t-shirt, it could have been playing on the choker necklace fashion. But calling it that is foul, and who would want to buy that??"

While the Hanger advert has aroused controversy online, ASOS was also praised this week for an ad campaign featuring visibly disabled blogger and model Mama Cax.

ASOS is not the only fashion retailer to find itself in controversy in the last week. A H&M store in South Africa was trashed by protesters after an ad campaign deemed racist. The ad featured a young black child with a jumper saying 'The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.'

The Swedish chain later apologised for it's ill-considered ad campaign, which was considered racist.

Featured Image Credit: ASOS

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