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Aussie Bloke Completes Marathon Inside His Own Apartment

Aussie Bloke Completes Marathon Inside His Own Apartment

Tim Franklin did more than 2,000 laps of his apartment to finish the 42 kilometre 'race'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Events, gatherings, music festivals, competitions and all sorts have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It's left many people upset after planning or training for months for the big day, only to have it taken off the calendar indefinitely.

But some aren't letting Covid-19 get in the way of their plans.

Brisbane long distance runner Tim Franklin decided he would do the marathon he was planning on competing in in his apartment.

The Aussie athlete mapped out a tiny 21-metre course through his kitchen, out to his balcony and then past his living room, which would serve as his track.

He worked out he would have to do an agonising 2,010 laps to reach 42.2 kilometres.

Imagine circling your apartment that many times without losing your marbles.

Speaking to Channel 7's Sunrise, Tim said: "I think this one was the hardest I've ever done.

"2,000 laps around a 21 metre circuit was mentally the most excruciating thing I've ever done in my life!

"I had a whiteboard marker and every lap I would pass it from my left hand to my right hand, then after every ten laps I would put a stroke down on the fridge."

Mr Franklin achieved the incredible feat in six hours, 46 minutes and five seconds.

Incredibly, he decided to do a 90-minute run with two mates the next day.

But he's not the only person who has completed a marathon within the confines of his home. The #masterbedroommarathon has actually started to become a viral trend on social media.

Elisha Nochomovitz spent a grand total of six hours and 48 minutes running 26.2 miles around the 7m balcony of his apartment in Toulouse, France.

The video, which was shared online, shows the 32-year-old running up and down the balcony where he completed around 6,000 laps.

In an interview with HuffPost France, the restaurant worker said: "I wanted to bring something playful to the containment. I saw pictures of people going out of their homes for jogging.

"But if everyone does the same, we will all end up outside. Part of my goal was to kill as much time as possible."

With France on a 15-day lockdown - and talks of potentially extending it - Nochomovitz is now wondering what he can do next, adding: "How about another marathon to improve my record. Or a 12-hour home trainer session, on my balcony?"

If you don't fancy going to the extremes of marathon training, why not join our Facebook group instead?

Let's all bring some positivity, support and fun to anyone who might find themselves in isolation as a result of the coronavirus spread. Need some entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:

Featured Image Credit: Tim Franklin/Instagram

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